With a career spanning over a decade, it's easy to view Brit-Asian producer Simon Nandhra as an industry veteran.

A musician by nature; picking up the instruments at the early age of eight and then went onto becoming an accomplished engineer, music became second nature for Simon. First entering the live scene in 1996 as a live engineer, Simon quickly used the experience he gained on the live circuit and transferred it into the studio.

Introducing himself as a solo artist in 2002 with his inaugural album 'Out of the Box' ; an album that not only delivered hits such as 'Desi Lalkara' and 'Sadeya Paran', but also became one of the first to launch the outstanding talents of Master Rakesh and Lehmber Hussainpuri to a wider audience. With the album firmly cementing Simon as one of the most exciting & progressive producer he was quickly commissioned by his label Moviebox for another instalment.

Under pressure to top the impact of 'Out of the Box', Simon returned to the studio to work on his sophomore release, which released in 2004. Aptly titles 'Underestimated', it produced the global hit 'Kanoo Mardan' featuring the vocals of Pakistani pop sensation Humara Asrhsad. The album also produced the firm dance-floor favourite 'Dil Mangdi' alongside the iconic voice of Surjit Anakhi.

Another two year break saw Simon deliver, the critically acclaimed EP 'Silent Tears'. Having built his career on upbeat high tempo anthems, Simon delved into the unknown by creating an album entirely based on slow emotional ballads. Bringing on board the world renowned Amrinder Gill, 'Par Langah Deh' quickly became the stand-out single. 'Silent Tears' would go on to become one of the biggest selling albums of 2006, largely due to the depth of great singles such as; 'Na Jao Pardes' and 'Bari Mastani'. The album also showcased the now iconic video for 'Dholi Vichon Heer', a video which firmly cemented Simon Nandhra as an artist constantly capable of breaking barriers and raiding the bar for his peers.

Alongside working on his own material, Simon Nandhra has produced for a number of artists including Taz (Stereo Nation), Ashok Mastie, Tariq Khan (Legacy), Harbhajan Talwar and Happy Bains. Simon Nandhra also produced a song for Kaliwest Vol1 and a single on the solo album by Balwinder Bhatti. Over the past decade, Simon Nandhra has worked as a live engineer for some of the most accomplished acts on the live circuit, travelling the world with the likes of Jassi Sidhu, Taz (Stereo Nation), Dalvinder Singh and Tariq Khan (Legacy).

2011 would see Simon release the long awaited 'Perfectly Imperfect' - an album the took the listener on a musical journey across a diverse range of sounds. 'Ruthann Wangu' feat Sabar Koti would go on to become a cult classic. The album featured a sensational vocal line up including; Ishers, Master Rakesh, Nirmal Sidhu, Sabar Koti, Master Saleem and Taz (Stereo Nation).

Now enjoying the freedom of a truly independent artist, Simon Nandhra is back in the studio once again in 2015 working on his new album 'The Awakening' - a titled signifying his musical freedom and increased expression.